Who Are We?

Our Mission:

Undivided Culture is a group of people on a mission to help create a caring culture in communities by utilizing creative expression.


We hope to do this by helping families learn ways to care for others through creative expression to help their community and others.


We hope to help families be empowered through biblical principles of character that produces a caring culture.


We hope to help families live a life on a mission to help build a caring culture by giving back in all communities.







Connect families to others.

Educate families. 

Engage families to utilize their gifts to help others. 

Empower families to live missional lives to help others. 

Inspire families to help other communities

Providecenter for families to gather.


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Extraordinary Experiences

We believe culture is built through knowing  Christ and biblical principals. We believe we were all made by a creative God and He has given us creative gifts to love Him and others.

Come experience learning your gifts and sharing them with the world!

Our Core Values

  • Christ's precepts
  • Character
  • Coaching
  • Community
  • Connection